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Were aspects of the Biblical Jesus narrative modeled on previous Greek and Roman mythology? Is it possible Christ never existed at all? Mythos Christos is a unique story, in that it entails a connection between two time periods (circa 400 CE and the present) and reveals certain information about the roots of Christianity everyone should know.

Hypatia of Alexandria wishes to preserve for posterity certain documents from the Library of Alexandria which have been deemed heretical by the orthodoxy – the truth about the mythical origins of Christianity. She develops an ingenious strategy for saving the manuscripts, a treasure hunt that would make the most jaded buccaneer drool. However, no ordinary pirate, or highborn archbishop for that matter, could hope to follow the Neoplatonist philosopher’s sequence of burials. Only one steeped in Pythagorean mathematics and Platonic mysticism, her philaletheian, could possibly track her obscure trail of burials and unlock the final cache. But Hypatia’s plan goes awry and her treasure languishes for sixteen centuries.

An American Rhodes Scholar, Lex Thomasson, finds himself hot on the philosopher’s treasure trail, deftly decrypting her linguistic and mathematical puzzles in succession using his peculiar knowledge and an ancient key: gematria – a table of Greek letters and their numerical equivalents.

Using this key, along with the Neoplatonist’s Book of Euclid – the “True Key,” Lex discovers ancient truths concerning mathematical relationships between certain Greek gods and, more astonishingly, numerical relationships in the Jesus tale as well.

Unfortunately, Lex is accompanied by a Vatican archivist, who is also a sociopathic killer with other plans for Hypatia’s collection of documents. Will the truth finally be broadcast to the world, or will the Church keep it under wraps, closeting their millennia-old secrets from the rest of the world?

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Struggling to get past the horses, the infantrymen poured into the courtyard keen for an easy victory. They, too, were shocked by the number of defenders confronting them and wondered if it was they who’d been routed. “Fire!” thundered Helladus. Five of the six arrows found their marks, felling cavalrymen from their saddles.


Possessing an almost supernatural intellect, and untroubled by any code of ethics, Sir Stephanos becomes both a helpful ally and dangerous adversary to Lex in their hunt for the ancient treasure. And he has an altogether different plan for the final cache… when and if they locate it.



We find Lex and Thea in an ancient vault amid a collection of bone-dry parchments. That’s when they realize the library has been set ablaze, and they’ve been left to perish in the flames. Frantic, the two chance upon a hidden “riddle-door” which they must solve and unlock before death consumes them.


Many of the characters are actual historical figures. These include Hypatia, Helladus, Palladus, Olympius, Orestes, Macrobius, Synesius, Theophilus, Cyril, Pulcheria, and Peter the Reader. The major events, like the razing of the Serapeum and the abduction of Hypatia are historical, as is the tension between Archbishop Cyril and Prefect Orestes.

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Meet Edwin Herbert


Edwin Herbert...

is a freethought activist and avid writer on secular and non-theist topics, head of a group of writers with a regular newspaper column concerning related subjects which promote science and skepticism.

He is also a healthcare provider in southern Wisconsin. Mythos Christos is his debut novel.

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